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  • Sur-Fit TLSO Prefab Hard Shell System

    $165.00 $125.00

    Managed healthcare is here.  HMO’s, PPO’s, Buying Groups, Large Insurance Networks, you name it, they all want the same thing ... lower costs.  Some are even by-passing the trained O&P professional, circumventing quality patient care just to cut costs.  In order to win the battle, you’ve got to have the right weapons.  O&P Solutions has designed a stock system that will properly arm you to remain competitive in this ever changing market.

    Our Sur-Fit System was designed to accommodate a wide range of patients that normally would require a custom orthosis.  

    3/16” Low Density Polyethylene
    3/16” Volara foam liner (Aliplast)


    1 1/2” white polyester webbing with 2500 lb. tensile strength  
    Posterior strap features a molded 1/16” LDPE strip sewn between two pieces of webbing
    Posterior strap includes a stainless steel loop with plastic roller
    Heavy duty nylon thread.
    Nickel plated, #10 copper rivets & burrs or Chicago Screws


    Smooth Lateral Overlap                        Step Lateral Overlap
    Anterior Opening                          

    Male or Female
    0°, 5°, 7°, 10°, 15°, 25°  Spinal lordosis
    High or Low profile
    Neutral, Slightly corpulent, or corpulent Anterior
    Moderate, Standard, or Excessive hip development 


    Lateral Overlap design provides total contact
    Clamshell design is the easiest to accommodate weight gain or loss
    Best design for abdominal compression
    Available finished or unfinished
    Very economical