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  • OA Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis Knee Brace (Co-Op product)

    $229.00 $119.00

    • Our DUO (Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis) brace is the dual-upright dynamic OA brace . This brace creates a load across the joint when the knee is straight and reduces the load as the knee flexes. Thus, when the patient is bearing weight, the brace is actively working. DUO reduces force when sitting, making it ideal for patients who need to wear a brace for daily activities.

    • This brace is universal & single one can be used on both legs. K2 ComfortLine Knee Brace is a light weight everyday use high performance Knee Brace. It is a truly custom made knee brace manufactured as per the measurements of the user. It is suitable for ligament injuries (such as ACL, PCL, MCL), Sport Injuries, Mild Osteoarthritis (OA) as well as for prevention of the knee joint from degeneration

    • Load is removed as the knee moves into flexion and symptoms are no longer present

    • Ideal for OA patients who wear braces for extended periods of time

    • Provides support for ligament instability

    • Low-profile frame

    • High strength Stainless Steel polycentric hinges transfer the maximum body weight from Thigh to Calf without exerting pressure on the Knee Joint. Thus, making it a perfect off-loader knee brace.

    • Dynamic loading hinge

    • Incremental arm adjustments

    • Air Condoyles on both brace joints provide relief to the sensitive knee joint & ligaments. It maximizes comfort & minimizes brace migration. The brace construction is Low profile & Lightweight, which make it extremely easy to use with daily activities.

    • Up to 16 degrees of correction can be applied