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EZ Stride Posterior Carbon Fiber Ankle Foot Orthotic "Out of Shoe" Kit

$995.00 $395.00

Dynamic carbon fiber ankle foot orthotic is the best choice for dropfoot patients who cannot tolerate an "In-Shoe" device. We take a standard EZ Stride AFO and install it in-between the outer sole of your shoe. This creates a nearly total non-contact device (other than the calf area). This is great for diabetic patients, patients with edema, metatarsalgia, neuropathy, etc.  Also a good choice for patients who pronate (valgus or eversion or ankle roll inwards). This AFO is great for stroke patients who need the dynamic "storage and release" of energy to propel them and assist them to ambulate through their complete gait cycle. Posterior design eliminates any contact with the sensitive tibia area of the shin. Super flexible calf band accommodates a wide range of circumferences. Structurally reinforced in high stress areas.  Prefabricated sizes available XS, Small, Medium, and Large in right or left orientation