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EZ Stride Dorsi-Assist Carbon Fiber Foot Drop

$495.00 $195.00

Carbon Fiber Posterior Leaf Spring for dropfoot patients who cannot tolerate an "In-Shoe" device. This device is stricktly for patients who suffer from drop foot. This device effectively "lifts the shoe" and prevents the foot from dragging on the ground during the mid-swing phase. This creates a nearly total non-contact device (other than the calf area). This is great for diabetic patients, patients with edema, metatarsalgia, neuropathy, etc. Posterior Leaf Spring design eliminates any contact with the sensitive tibia area of the shin. Super flexible calf band accommodates a wide range of circumferences. Structurally reinforced in high stress areas.  Prefabricated sizes available XS, Small, Medium, and Large in right or left orientation